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Our Story

sideImage03.jpgCheyenne Marketing was founded by long-time Vegas resident and Shawn Lane. With vast and varied experience in sales and promotions, Shawn turned her love for movies and penchant for marketing into a vibrant business which has not only changed the way the industry thinks about Las Vegas as a cultural community, but is also responsible for the advancement of many mainstay events, and local and woman-owned businesses.

Under the realm of Cheyenne Marketing, Shawn has developed two leading entertainment-based websites, (LVMI) and (LVEI), with a loyal following of more than 90,000 users and is largely considered to be a leading source of entertainment in Las Vegas. Her professional credits also include world movie premieres (some of the first ever in Las Vegas), major resort events, and award-winning marketing and promotional campaigns.

Shawn's guiding philosophy is to "take every opportunity to touch people and create an awareness of hope and responsibility inside and outside of our daily lives."

Always future-minded, Shawn focuses a great deal of her time and energy toward children's-related charities, saying "these kids need hope and guidance so they can become an example of the change we want to see in the world." As a board member of FACT (Family and Child Treatment- Southern Nevada), Shawn is active in promoting the fundraising and growth of the organization to ensure its ongoing ability to serve abused children and their families. Other charities benefitting from Cheyenne Marketing's promotional focus are the Boys and Girls Club, Candlelighters and Make a Wish.

While there's no discrediting Shawn's very serious and tenacious approach to her business, her clients and her causes, she often states and lives up to her motto of "having fun and making people smile." Her positive nature and easy laugh are infectious attributes that are reflected in her work and her daughter.

As Shawn says, "When you get to the core, it's kind of hard to explain what's in my heart and why what I do is so important to me outside of making a living. I believe in magic and in what we can create when we work together. I also believe people really do want to be a part of something bigger than they are."