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What we can offer you

We offer the best in the industry. We know that our services can help you be successful. Browse through our selection and see what we have to offer you. If you don't see what you're looking for, please contact us. We'll be glad to help.

In Person

Cheyenne Marketing specializes in all sorts of events to help you extend your brand, increase visibility and generate transactions. For whatever type of event you require, Cheyenne Marketing can develop concepts and budgets, as well as execute your event from beginning to end. Site selection, sponsor/partner acquisition, contract negotiations, staffing, promotion, reporting, and evaluation are part of our full-service offering

  • DAYLIFE AND NIGHTLIFE... Iconic, culture-shaping events are Cheyenne Marketing's specialty (i.e., Dive In Movies at Mandalay Bay). Want an event that extends your brand and becomes a destination? We can do this for you.
  • MOVIES AND ENTERTAINMENT... We manage comprehensive planning of entertainment-related events such as press junkets, celebrity appearances, red carpet events, advance screenings, world premiers, release parties, DVD/CD launches, contests (including enter-to-win), and more.
  • CHARITY/SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY... Cheyenne helps to lift up causes and company morale through charitable events, fundraisers and social responsibility programs.
  • ALL BUSINESS... Corporate events produced by Cheyenne Marketing include: mixers, conferences, incentive programs, trade shows, product launches, etc.
  • PRIVATE EVENTS... Your special occasion can become an unforgettable celebration and memory with the help of our extensive contacts and experience.
  • PROMOTIONAL TIE-INS... Cheyenne Marketing partners with retail outlets, networking events, restaurants and local bars for local "Buzz" and "word-of-mouth" promotions for products, advanced movie screenings, openings, DVD/CD, product releases and the like. Cheyenne Marketing utilizes these promotional events to drive traffic by creating visibility and exposure for upcoming product and events in the Las Vegas Market.
  • STREET TEAM... Guerilla-style marketing of your event and/or product through creative promoter planting is a great way to get the word out to the people on the street.


Need a bigger and more effective presence on the internet and/or social media? Cheyenne Marketing's hallmark is creating niche web communities and we have become the entertainment experts for thousands upon thousands of Las Vegans. Whether you want to tap into our networks or create your own, Cheyenne Marketing can bolster your presence in cyberspace.

Online and Viral Marketing:
  • Cheyenne Marketing has a developed network of local and national event calendars which ensures listings (subject to information submission and deadlines) of events and openings.
  • Social network marketing is created to support each project to build fan base, brand awareness and overall "buzz." Depending upon the target demographic, these efforts may include Facebook, MySpace, FlickR, and the like.
  • Cheyenne Marketing utilizes creative response tools through all online and viral marketing to maximize lead generation and conversion. Online campaigns can be geared both toward driving traffic and converting hits to revenue
  • Member Programs / Loyalty Programs can be created as needed
  • Cheyenne Marketing manages paid online advertising (for example: PPC, CPA, CPC campaigns)
  • Search engine campaigns, including both organic and paid efforts, can include search engine optimization and management of paid campaigns (Pay Per Click, etc.)
  • Viral campaigns are developed to build Word-of-Mouth and to utilize technologies such as YouTube to desired brand result
  • Cheyenne Marketing develops affiliate programs, engaging commission-only, online sales forces to generate revenue
  • Key partnerships are created to ensure mutually-beneficial relationships with desired groups
Las Vegas Movie/ Entertainment Insider Campaigns:
  • Through its proprietary website,, aka Cheyenne Marketing has more than 90,000 local active members that receive double opt-in email newsletters twice weekly. Projects and project-related events are highlighted through these newsletters.
  • Banner ads and/or basic postings can be hosted on the website's home page to promote upcoming events, releases and in-theater films, with links to websites and trailers as well as other calls to action.
  • Banner ads and/or postings can also be included in weekly emails sent to nearly 90,000 members 2 times per week with links to websites or trailers.
  • Cheyenne Marketing promotes various events through the website's Upcoming Events page.
  • Events are promoted through newsletters and on the site. Highlighted links to ticket/reservation sites are created to fuel advance reservations and ticket purchases.
  • Contests are facilitated through the website.
  • Special emails can be created and distributed to Cheyenne Marketing's database based on special news or events.

In Print

Cheyenne Marketing has the media contacts you need to ensure you get the "buzz" you deserve.

  • Cheyenne Marketing has long-standing relationships with local and national critics/press to ensure maximum press coverage for any company or event.
  • Cheyenne Marketing can produce top-notch press releases and manages distribution via wire service, phone and internet to all relevant press, both through targeted local markets and through national networks. Necessary steps are always taken to follow up and secure best possible results.
  • Cheyenne Marketing works closely with broadcast, print, online and grassroots media to secure effective and strategic interviews.
  • Complete media buying services are available to help you achieve the perfect mix based on your target market.


Sometimes you need help promoting yourself as a business leader. To this end, Cheyenne Marketing helps you achieve the credentials you need.

  • Government and/or Association Endorsements... Let us help you gain endorsement from the key leaders and organizations that you need to help growing your credibility and business.
  • Woman-Owned and Minority-Owned Certifications... Cheyenne Marketing has jumped through the hoops and can help you gain the certifications you need to qualify for lucrative contracts.
  • Awards Package Submittals... Don't be shy. Let us help you get recognition for your achievements.